JusXJustice – Lean ft. Issa

JusXJustice voice is legendry in the city. He sounds so unique, you can always spot him out. I’ll never get tired of seeing videos taking through the city but what makes this video pretty dope to watch are the effects chosen on it, my favorite is the purple hued through. Which makes sense that it’d be purple because “lean” is purple. JusXJustice repeatedly says “wanna lean, wanna lean” and normally repetitive lyrics can get annoying but it flows great through this song and it’s actually very entreating to listen to. So through the song, you have JusXJustice’s soft sound and then you have Issa’s not so soft sound and usually that sounds pretty wack because they don’t ever match tones but these two pulled it off and I’m glad because it made this song happen.



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