Joseph Bills – Super Saiyan (Over Lit)

Joseph Bills song title “Over Lit” is a little deceiving, as a matter of fact its quite the opposite. Pretty much Joseph says what I think is on every fan’s mind, “If everyone is lit, then how is everyone shining”? The maxed out rapper goes on to say he’s been turning up ever since turn up was the prior lit. After hearing this track Joseph makes a lot sense, and I have a new found respect for the rapper.


The track reminded me of Joyner Lucas “Gucci Gang” remix in the sense of sending out a meaningful message on a mainstream track. I also couldn’t help to notice Bills sounded like a more lyrical Young Buck. Overall this song is a banger and although Joseph Bills is trying to retire the over used word, the song got me LIT as f*ck. If you like this song check out Joyner Lucas “Stranger Things”.


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