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Album Review: Jimmy Watts – Focused Loner

Up until a few days ago I had no idea who Jimmy Watts was so I came into this review on Focused Loner with an automatic thought of “whatever”. However, after reviewing the first song, I ended up very interested so, for days after, I surrounded myself in this album to make sure that what I had to say, wasn’t just “whatever”. 16 songs later and now I know Jimmy Watts.

1. Drip – 8.5
2. No Lackin – 8
3. Nothin New – 8.5
4. 30 – 9.5
5. Goin On – 8
6. M.I.A. – 8
7. Never Left – 8.5
8. Havin’ – 9
9. Trippin – 8.5
10. Is You Wit It – 8
11. Nxggas Know Wusup – 8
12. Prime – 8.5
13. L.D.Y.K. – 8
14. No Luv – 9
15. Focused – 9
16. I Did It – 9.5

Drip – The beat drop in this song was the capture of it but his voice is was kept me interested. He has the kind of voice that was made for this type of beat flow. Not to mention his lyrics are definitely catchy and they way he ended this song was just straight smooth.

No Lackin – I like hearing bass in my songs and this song held that amusement. They way he slows down the beat for his lyrics are actually genius. A song purely for people out here really getting it and I always appreciate that from an artist.

Nothin New – That little tick in the background of this beat hyped me up. Mixed with his slow downs and bass drops, this is a cold ass beat. And for him to reference that he’s not even at his best yet, baffles my mind because I will definitely be expecting more.

30 – Another bass hearing and a smooth transition, this is the golden song so it makes sense for it to be titled 30. His voice is very smooth on top of the beat and  it works really well.

Goin On – I like to hear an artist stop a beat for his words, and he works it well on this track. This is a song for the people out here who knew what they were capable of and accomplishing what they believed in, won’t take a downfall from anyone.

M.I.A. – He gives me a little bit of a Travis Scott vibe in this song and I am saying that as a compliment. He pulls that sound off really hard and I wouldn’t mind hearing more tracks with the same sound. Plus, it’s a great song about leaving people who didn’t support you behind and that’s the harsh truth as an artist.

Never Left – Probably one of my favorite beats amongst the transitions it comes with. This a great song for anyone questioning their way.

Havin’ – I think this is one of those songs that a lot of people can listen to with relation. Coming up from nothing and making it into something. Having people switch up on you and wanting to bounce back, a lot of artist can relate and I appreciate Jimmy for turning that into an anthem.

Trippin – I was waiting for a soft beat and this is it, but still has his typical sound incorporated.

Is You Wit It – Another soft beat and I’m not even mad at it. I think he really pulls it off and his voice always seems to match the beat which is impressive.

Nxggas Know Wasup – Another Travis vibe but it comes with a side of his soft sound and that is genius. To listen to  a similar song by Jimmy Watts check out “I Got Sauce”.

Prime – The eerie sound in the beginning had my interest and then he start flowing on top of it before the actual beat. That was an idea that most artist can not pull off and Jimmy did that. If this is his prime, I want him in his prime always.

L.D.Y.K. – Little do you know is a great song contributing how an artist is a lot more than just the artist who makes songs.

No Luv – One of my favorite lyrical tracks from him. He talks about how much you just have to b true to yourself and your work because this dream comes with no love, you have to make that for yourself. And let’s not forget about the cold ass transition from the small keys in the beginning welcoming the beat.

Focused – Hearing the bass in the beat automatically had my head moving in motion. He stops the beat so frequently that you focus on those simple parts and it’s great for a song called focused. But once he hits you with the soft verses of the song, you realize that the beat made the lyrics. He really got the sauce for that.

I Did It – This is a great song for the end of the album because he really did it for the album. He came in with a completely different sound of his voice. But even at that, it still sounds smooth enough for the beat and the fact that he can make that kind of transition, tells me to keep Jimmy in sight.

I am a reviewer who focuses mainly on a beat of a song. And Jimmy Watts allowed me to have fun with his many tones of sound. But also gave me the chance to hear out his lyrics and they carry just as much dope grounds as his beats. Even though these are the first songs I ever heard from Jimmy, I am not disappointed that they were and I realize the type of artist he can be with his smooth vocal transitions, right into his mix transitions. I will definitely be keeping Jimmy in my ears and you should, too.


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