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New school artist Jayroze rises above the competition and leads Arizona hip hop scene into a new frontier. Jayroze is one of the few artist in Arizona that gets it and moving away from the cliche gangster rap scene of guns, drugs and flashiness prevalent in AZ. The young rapper takes a mundane state fair and turns into an provocative music video that looks bossy as hell. Overall we were highly impressed by the confidences in his flow and content of his lyrics. Dude drops a cold line about everyone wanting ice on their chains, but he’s got ice in his veins. The kid has bars and naturally has a gift for rapping so many rappers often dream of. Jayroze has a mainstream sound that can keep up with the likes of Jayden Smith or Trippie Redd. If you like this song check out nu school artist Camo No Flage. jayroze leader


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