Jaxx – Last Mistake

Overcast is on some other shit in the city and it’s truly amazing. Everything that came with watching ‘Last Mistake’ was all the excessiveness that I to see in music videos more because the direction of this video was insane and very well complimented with the VFX. I think it’s cool how the intro went from an arcade game and turned into Jaxx being in the game, whilst not really being in the game but it gave us every appeal that we needed. I personally think the aspect of the video suited the song itself perfectly, considering going through things and going through mistakes are a whole motion of emotion so what better way to express that other than a theme park. Also, clever idea to put everyone’s name on the friendslist in the beginning; details are everything.



Artist: Jaxx – Producer: d-work – Dir: Daniel Jordan K – VFX: Tommy Bauer

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