Jamal Ari – Stick Talk

Jamal Ari selects Tucson’s most famous Evergreen cemetery to debut his latest visuals from his Vamp Life EP. The eerily video captures Jamal rapping inside a high-end white marble burial vault to paint his spoken metaphors. The video directed by one of Arizona premier film makers SDVISIONS does an incredible job of making the video chilling and gloomy. He even captures a sick cinematic aerial view of Jamal laying flat in the middle of grave site that looked straight out of a horror movie.


Ari incorporates rapping and singing into his delivery to give it that mainstream appeal. I’ve never seen anything like this done in a music video and could be considered highly controversial. Simply because people can interpret this as a big sign of disrespect to the dead or creative art form. Overall Jamal keeps you entertained for almost 4 minutes and that in itself is an accomplishment. If you like this video check out similarly dark video called “Gravemind” by Lou.


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