Jamal Ari – Seppuku

Jamal Ari releases the first music video from his third album, “Waves”. The video consists of Ari smoking and performing the song during a beautiful Arizona sunset, interpolated with an anime of a samurai performing Seppuku.


“Seppuku” addresses Ari staying true to himself and how he intends to metaphorically “die on his own sword”. In the chorus Ari says, “I got the heart of a samurai, you know that death before dishonor shit, do you, cause it’s the one thing you can stay true to, I spill my guts on everything I write; Seppuku.

Seppuku, also known as “HaraKiri”, is the ancient art of ritualistic suicide performed by the samurais as a way to regain honor that was lost on the battlefield. The vulnerable lyrics, paired with the raw, & honest vocals, and sample based beat make for a great song reminiscent of Phora, Royce da 5′ 9″ and Drake.



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