J Rydah – Federal

  • 97%

J Rydah ain’t fucking around any more when it comes to this music shit. If you don’t know who J Rydah is please, please go check out his catalog of videos on YouTube. The guy is a beast, he takes his craft seriously and puts all of efforts into developing high quality music and video production. Rydah takes us to the outskirts of the South-West desert, which gives it that Mexican cartel vibe. The video shows J Rydah stunning on a brand new ATV with a bad bitch waving the Mexican flag while holding a semi automatic weapon, it doesn’t get anymore gangsta than that. Overall the beat and his lyrics come in hard AF. Federal has a little influence from 50 Cent mixed in with King Lil G, which will attract the masses especially with the Latin community. Keep your eyes peeled on this one, because this could be the break out single that can put AZ on the map.


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