Okay now hear me out, this is a duo that was not asked for but turned out to be a duo we needed. 3 different style artists who fed off of each other like they were a gourmet meal (pause) and I am happy to be sitting at the table eating.

Moe Marley brings his own style and soul to any and every song so I wasn’t surprised that he automatically spoke this song onto a museum wall.

Yung $moke is the ultimate hype artist. With his high vocals, he makes sure you hear him on the track and I’m not mad at it because his vocals always expose the song to it’s loudest tone.

Skinnyblue is a true *chef’s kiss* artist. Real lyricism, natural visual presence and overall gives your ears the best sound to listen to. For obvious reasons, he deserves to be on every song released and he proves that on ‘Goth Party’.


If this is the energy we will receive from these three, then I need more parties and s/o Not Goth for starting the path for that potential. This is why we love our producers.

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