Family Fued: Futuristic vs Sincerely Collins

One of Arizona’ longest standing beefs is between famed rapper Futuristic and Mr. Possible Sincerely Collins. Praject Vision recently interviewed both artists and documented the feud between these two. In the documentary, Futuristic states that the beef all originated when they were putting together this “Arizona vs Everybody” record. Apparently there was two different versions one where Sincerely Collins dissed Futuristic (listen to Boss Shit). This would later spawn Futuristic response “Sincerely” which was obviously a diss to Collins. In the 2nd part of the interview series, Sincerely Collins felt like Futuristic took to far by wishing him a slow death. Sincerely says he’s not down with that, especially since Futuristic claims to be good guy and all. Hopefully these two valley hiphop heavy weights will squash this because in the end this beef isn’t that deep. Take a look at the interviews below and judge for yourself. A reconciliation between these two would be huge for AZ hiphop culture, what are your thoughts?


Futuristic’s Interview


Sincerely Collins Interview

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