Futuristic, Nubs – Easy Peasy ft AKT Aktion

Akt Akition rallies all the Only Dreamer troops for the “Easy Peasy” video shoot. Futuristic and Odd Squad member Nubs suit up for 80’s themed video. Aktion goes balls out in a Michael Jackson thriller outfit. Nubs and Futuristic dress up in a bunch of tie dye infused clothing, most likely provided by Futuristic’s Sheesh World clothing line. Both Futuristic and Nubs go hard AF with their verses and the beat is fire. Futuristic reminds his fans about all the work his put in the game despite making look so effortlessly . Nubs as usual spews hot lava and his enthusiastic flow makes me feel like I can take on the world. Aktion does a great job of singing on the chorus and he sure knows how to arrange a mainstream single. futuristic nubs easy peasy


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