Futuristic – Nobody Else

Futuristic makes a song on how everyone really feels about new age hiphop. In the video Futuristic literally puts Lil Yachty, Lil Xan and 6ix9ine in a police car and blows them up. Futuristic states that he has remained true to himself and reiterates that nobody’s like him. He then raps about the current state of hip hop and how its a complete fucking mess.

He starts off by going after Lil Xan and how he glorifies drugs. This has Futuristic really stressed because Xan doesn’t realize the effects he has on the youth. Futuristic then calls out 6ix9ine fetish with guns, knowing damn well he ain’t about that life. Lastly he rips Lil Yatchy a new one, claiming he can’t hit notes and is going broke buying expensive jewelry . The 3 minute one take video directed by JD Films is ridiculously imaginative and intricately put together. If you like this video by Futuristic check out another creative video by him called “I Want It, I Get It”.


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