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Futuristic talks music, success and happiness in IKon Radio’s one hour interview. John Blaze starts off by putting Futuristic on the spot. He asks Futuristic what did he mean by when he said “I’m trying to put everyone on in the state of AZ”. Futuristic responded by saying he’ll put you on game, but he won’t put you in the game, that something artists have to themselves. futuristic Ikon Radio


Futuristic mentions dropping a book in a couple of months. It’ll be a tell all about the music industry, as well as tips to get ahead and see some early profits. He explains on how some his musicians friends were getting raped, only seeing 1o% of royalties around 2014 when he was being heavily sought out by music labels. It was at this moment when Futuristic decided to go the independent because in the end it would make him happier.


Futuristic talks a lot about building your network and how in doing so helped him establish his career with little to no money. Through his relationships he was able to attain a Suns contract for a year where he was the face of the music program. One thing that bothered him through out all of his connections though, is how Phoenix radio (Power 983) will not play his music despite having a bigger track record than most artists being played on rotation.


Blaze asks futuristic about his 5 year plan, which Futuristic responds by saying he would like to build a plaza surrounding a music venue so that future artists can get tatted, print merchandise, get food and even get a haircut. Futuristic also gets a little into tour life and tells story about crowd surfing and how one time he almost broke his ribs, after a rapper named Soho told him not too. He casually speaks on going  30 for 30, but now wanting to settle down and getting married as part of his plan.


Lastly Futuristic touches on the current state of hiphop and how rappers need to be more socially responsible and have a better moral compass on teens. In closing, futuristic advises up and coming rappers to be themselves and to ultimately do what makes you happy.


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