Futuristic Blessings Album Review

Album Review: Futuristic – Blessings

Being a strong critic, along with working with him in the past, I was particularly more strict when listening to his album. But he didn’t fail not to just meet expectations, but to exceed him. Watching him grow from Futuristic ‘Dream Big’ Album, you can tell how much he’s matured as a musician. From stay in character with his comedic punch lines and also manages to give you some real insight of life to balance out the emotion. Nonetheless he still give the delivery.


Before I give the review, I do want to mention that I’ve noticed Futuristic isn’t an artist for everyone. He does have a unique niche audience. He’s not main stream, yet he’s not underground either. He’s in this gray universe in between. But that’s much of the what made his success. He has the diversity of flow where he can give you the rapid fire crazy metaphor punch line, or he can calm it down and to deliver the heart felt lyric to speak to your emotions. All tolerable to average hip hop listener. No one can deny his skill. — With that being said, and even though the we rated the album high, there were some disappointments in regards of lack of material in which I’ll explain in a bit.


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Futuristic | Futuristic | Futuristic Tour

1. Life – 9

2. Benz – 7

3. Do Too Much – 6.5

4. Talk ft. Devvon Terrell, Tech N9ne – 10

5. Clock – 7.5

6. Lights – 7.5

7. Not The Vibe – 7

8. Get It Together – 8.5

9. Epiphany ft. NF – 10

10. Change Somebody – 7futuristic wtf clothing, i want it all futuristic, futuristick, futuristic artist, futuristic vip tickets, futuristic panda, futuristic chicago, warped tour colorado, futuristic clothing men, futuristic apparel, futuristic songs list, the king’s speech download, furistic, futuristic website, futuristic play, whats future new song, warped tour dallas lineup, futuristic clothing store, futuristic cloth, futuristic rapper songs, futuristic new,

Life – WOW! One of the most down to earth, authentic songs from Futuristic. Humbly talking about his struggles in relationships and how his dad has influenced the person he has become. The idea of becoming the people who raise us, even in ways we don’t like, connects to many fans on a very personal level.


Benz – The song blends the traditional rap hook (smooth sing-song sound) with Futuristic’s (famous) quickly spit verses. Unsurprisingly generic content makes this song quite forgettable.


Do Too Much – A simple funky beat that works well with Futuristic’s cadence changes and repetitive rhyme scheme setup. The repetitive lyrical schemes allow the beat to be the focus on the song making it quite catchy without having in depth content (ironically allowing futuristic to ‘not have to do too much’).


Talk – Clearly saved one of the best beats for his best feature, Tech N9ne. While Devvon Terrell and Futuristic have a history of making music together (they had a joint album Coast 2 Coast), I’ve always found Devvon’s over auto-tuned flows extremely repetitive and derivative and I can barely get through a verse without hitting the skip button.


Clock – Futuristic turns on his RnB flow. The smooth, slow beat flows well with Futuristic’s slowest delivery on the album. While the song isn’t a standout, it does showcase one of Futuristic s best skills, being able to create new analogies that aren’t totally played out in the rap industry.


Lights – The fast snare cadence on this ballad is a small example of the greater problem with the song. His voice is not particularly interesting or unique as a singer and the slow build-up in cadence on the last verse really saves an otherwise really bland RnB song.


Not The Vibe – Some of the best lyrical content on the entire album. On top of that his rap flows are on point with the intro to the verse and exit of the verse to the hook (to be fair Futuristic has some of the best flows in the industry). The hooks calls out the industry for constantly promoting drugs that are creating real and lasting problems for the demographic that makes up a major part of his fan base.


Get It Together – A nice song with the Futuristic classic fast snare beat. Describes the importance of hard work and focus on achieving your dreams, specifically how playing the victim will only hold you back. A consistent message that Futuristic has put out on his albums.


Epiphany – Talk would have been the highlight of the album if Devvon weren’t on it, instead Epiphany takes the proverbial cake. As a NF fan from his debut album, this song hit me particularly hard. Futuristic and NF are in similar lanes in the rap industry and the collaboration was both a test to the rappers respective skills, but also a statement (especially for NF) about who the rappers are willing to work with to achieve fame. The song appropriately focuses on why these two rappers are considered so similar, the vast majority of the growth in their careers was from doing it themselves and (ironically) 2017 has seen substantial growth in both rappers’ fame.


Change Somebody – The final track on the album has a strangely produced and balanced beat that detracts from the overall consistency of the album. However, the lyrics are particularly powerful as suicide is a topic that Futuristic has wrestled with personally and on many of his albums. Making it part of his career to help others that were in a similar place as he was.


Overall a consistent album with Futuristic’s typical themes showcased and a couple excellent features. Unfortunately, while the album will be right in line with many fans expectations, Futuristic fails to really push boundaries on his topics or style, or really contribute anything that will have a lasting impact on the industry. Although I’ve come to the conclusion that striving to be mainstream is no longer the goal and believe that himself and his fans have came to peace with it. With that being said, that’s why NUPLAYLIST rated it high as it stays true to itself.futuristic shirts, futuristic hats, futuristic t shirt, futuristic the greatest free mp3 download, futuristic ft, onlyfuturistic merch, uh futuristic, future merch rapper, devvon terrell instagram, futuristic love mp3 download, futuristic video, futuristic t shirts, journeys tour dates, d pryde new album, rapper futuristic, the maine tour tickets, futuristic download, futuristic management, futurisc, only futuristic, futuristic com, king speech download, www onlyfuturistic com, futuristic gear, futuristic do it, futuristic hat, futuristic feel good, sheeesh, nudes by futuristic, futuristic the rapper, futuristic mp3, futuristic love download, where is futuristic from, futuristic instagram

Futuristic Tour 2018

Futuristic Tour 2018

FEB 23 FRI Deep Ellum Art Co, Special Guests: Devvon Terrell Ishdarr – Dallas, TX
FEB 24 SAT Barracuda, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Austin, TX
FEB 25 SUN White Oak, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Houston, TX
FEB 27 TUE Vinyl, Special Guests: Ishdarr Jarren Benton – Atlanta, GA
MAR 1 THU Black Cat Special Guests: Ishdarr – Washington, DC
MAR 2 FRI Coda, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Philadelphia, PA
MAR 3 SAT Middle East, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Cambridge, MA
MAR 4 SUN Gramercy Theatre, Special Guests: Ishdarr – New York, NY
MAR 7 WED El Club, Special Guests: Ishdarr Packy – Detroit, MI
MAR 8 THU Bottom Lounge, Special Guests: Ishdarr Mark Battles – Chicago, IL
MAR 9 FRI The Cabooze, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Minneapolis, MN
MAR 10 SAT Bourbon Theatre, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Lincoln, NE
MAR 11 SUN Cervantes’ Ballroom, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Denver, CO
MAR 13 TUE Complex, Special Guests: Ishdarr James The Mormon – Salt Lake City, UT
MAR 15 THU Neumos, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Seattle, WA
MAR 17 SAT Wonder Ballroom Special Guests: Ishdarr – Portland, OR
MAR 18 SUN Wow Hall, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Eugene, OR
MAR 20 TUE Cornerstone, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Berkeley, CA
MAR 21 WED The Catalyst, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Santa Cruz, CA
MAR 22 THU The Roxy, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Los Angeles, CA
MAR 24 SAT The Van Buren, Special Guests: Ishdarr – Phoenix, AZ


Purchase tickets @ http://www.onlyfuturistic.com/tour/


Blessing’s album is Available NOW!

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