Fuego Bentley – Koolaid

Fuego Bentley drops a mini movie slash documentary about racism and police brutality for his newest visuals “Koolaid”. The 6 minute long video starts off with him being pulled over by a police officer, a very uncomfortable situation for any black man in America. Bentley makes references to Philando Castile and Mike Brown‘s shootings as to why are cops targeting African Americans, as if though they had ulterior motives.


Symbolically Fuego uses lemonade stands as America way of taking away our civil rights, as seen across the nation police are shutting down lemonade stands, deeming them illegal.  On another note Fuego does a spectacular job of articulating his message through rapping, as he has a very aesthetically pleasing voice. He almost sounds like Trey Songz when he’s singing the chorus, no joke. If you like this song check out J. Tek “Million Dollar Trap”. Fuego Bentley Koolaid, black lives matter, blacklivesmatter


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