FOE Lil Reggie – Carry On

FOE Lil Reggie samples Bobby Caldwell’s “Carry On” in his latest visuals and it sounds legendary. The young rapper has a mainstream flow that sounds like if Travis Scott and Tory Lanez were to have a baby. The video directed by up and coming film maker Skevon does a fascinating job. He uses all sorts of burn filters and fish lens effects through out the song. Reggie tells all his friends and family that if they ain’t there from the beginning to keep carrying on. That goes for females as well, as Reggie states he got time for love because he has a black heart. FOE Lil Reggie, who just came off tour with Tory Lanez, has a very confident demeanor and I see a lot of promising talent in this kid. If you like this song check out new school Jay artist Jay Roze.


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