No Class Millionaires – Flex’N

If you were a fan of Dewzy’s “FWM” then I have this treat for you; a song from his group ‘No Class Millionaires’. Presented to you with Bam (@bamthagreat27) on the hook, bringing the kind of flavor that I expected on a beat as smooth as this.


Dewzy (@dewzydoit) came in on the first verse real tough. Very unique to his “FWM” because he’s not so much natural in mix and the fact that he was able to pull it off was cold to me. He is one of Arizona’s top engineers so I’m not surprised.


Hippie Matt (@mattmatictv) came in on the second verse unlike the other because his voice is clear and although it’s different, it goes with it. I think that’s an ultimate flex. If you can come onto a song with your boys and not bring the same exact sound; flex’n.


Lyrically speaking, each verse was unique to each artist so there are words relate-able to everyone listening. This is No Class Millionaires and you should be prepared to become familiar with them.

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