Emo Fruits X SpaceMan Zack – Pretty Coke Nose

This is a song that dropped a year ago and has over 97k plays by two of my good friends.. Emo Fruits and Spaceman Zack. They finally made a video to it after linking in LA since Emo Fruits is one of our Arizona artists and Zack is from Texas. The video was directed by Zack’s right hand man; T. Aubrey.


The video is as simple as our lives get. Good energy with even better people and sometimes alcohol. There isn’t much to the video but two scenes and some other Arizona artists. You have Pink Cig, Lil EG and 2k6 in appearances so even though this video was shot in the streets of LA, it’s definitely a piece of home. This video was short and simple and just let the song speak for itself, literally. It’s a beautiful song, I’m glad it now comes with visuals.




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