Emmitt Dupree – Mama Don’t ft. Jalopy Bungus

I feel like we do a lot of aching for the woman we love the most, our mamas. Or atleast, that’s what I’m getting out of this video. When Emmitt Dupree started singing, I instantly started to feel like I was stuck in a moment watching over my mother’s disappointment and his singing was like a cloud of sadness. It was real, it was pure and it was beautiful. As far as Jalopy Bungus goes, he is a lyrical genius (in my opinion) and I hold that true when I heard him start rapping on this track. Jalopy is almost as real as it gets when it comes to speaking on shit that you’ve been through. Emmitt was smart to have Jalopy transition against his voice in this song. & the video was simple enough to understand the words that you are hearing and I give that credit to Ian Baker; for making emotions come to life.


Favorite lyrics: ‘if love was in the house, I wouldn’t be outside’



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