Drop Out Kings – Nvm

In the never ending pursuit of NuPlaylist trying to find new music from Arizona, Dropout Kings are the embodiment of NU music. Dropout Kings are a new genre of music combining metal and rap and dubbing it as Nu Metal. With that being said, Dropout Kings are Arizona’s bad boy band, and I don’t mean that in a sissy N’Sync kinda way. These guys know what the fuck there doing and there highly organized. Consisting of 6 members led by lead singers Adam Ramey, rapper Eddie Wellz, Trevor Norgen on the drums and Staig Flynn, Rob Sebastian, Chucky Guzman as guitarists. Together they form Arizona first ever, six-packed group. The group has a fascinating story on how they all came together. From being homeless, to selling drugs, to run-ins with the law, this group of misfits signed to Napalm records somehow.


In their first ever released single “Nvm” the video starts off where they left off, fucking shit up. Through out the video Adam and Eddie go back fourth rapping about how people need to mind their own business or else they’re going to catch a quick fade. DOK’s smoke, drink and fight pretty much through out the whole video. What I also found amazing was Adam screaming at the top of his lungs. Sort of like Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, which takes a lot of skill. You heard it here first, Dropout Kings will be the break out band from Arizona for 2018. Check out the latest single from another AZ group called EraZona.

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