Dropout Kings – Scratch & Claw

Dropout Kings come out with a killer track for those killer workouts. “Scratch & Claw” is a motivational record that is so raw and pure you’ll be restarting the song before you finish it. From start to finish the drums and guitar riff will grab your attention like a Kanye tweet. Rapper and hype man Eddie Wellz has an insane flow that’ll having you nodding your head to it falls off. Adam Ramey follows up Eddie beautifully with a tantalizing chorus that’ll have you begging for more. Like I said before Dropout Kings are the embodiment of Nuplaylist and on the verge of becoming break thru artists. With that being said DOK receives NuPlaylist first ever 100 rating for overall originality, music production, video concept, lyrics and delivery. If you like this song, check out their first release single “Nvm”. dropout kings Scratch Claw


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