Dobey Dobe – Icon Remix

I was so impressed by Dobey Dobe’s first video I had to do a follow up to his latest release “Icon Remix”. The rapper pays respect to icon living Jayden Smith, which in my opinion Dobey does it justice.  Director Henny Flatz does an absurd job of practically resembling the original “Icon” version with the pink back drop filter. Dobey rhymes confident like a veteran rap superstar and is an intricate wordsmith like a faster rapping Jay Cole. Dobey has mad energy and strong on screen charisma to keep viewers engaged through out a one scene video despite not having a big budget. All though I’ve only seen videos to remixes, I can’t wait for Dobey to drops visuals from his Episode album. If you like this song check out Delly Everyday “The Separation”.dobey dobe Icon


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