Dizze Inkz – SNOW MAN

This has got to be an older video because I’d recognize that OG Valley Club wall anywhere and it doesn’t exist anymore. More into the background though, the pool scene fly because not many people be like “let’s film by the pool” even though we live in Arizonabut more specifically, I love the the scene at the pool where he says “that’s the dope man” and the frame knocks with Dizze.. simple shit like that is tough as hell to me. The changing colored hues are unique too. I didn’t think I’d be into that color way edit but here I am, replaying the whole ass video. When there’s a cool ass video to back up a cool ass song, it has to be replied.. for a fat ass minute. Can we also mention how the snowman opened up the video by making it snow in Arizona? Yeah? Bet.


Dizze Inkz

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