Dizze Inkz & Big Chuuch – Hard Body

The literal story surrounding this song is absolutely insane. The fact that Dizze Inkz can jump right onto a track with bullets still in his leg and mask the amount of words he spoke, is extremely hard. No wonder he titled it “HARD BODY”. Having Big Chuuch on the hook balanced the way Dizze tells his story because with Chuuch’s deeply harsh voice, it’s almost like he’s narrating for Dizze and it makes sense since when you listen to what Dizze has to say, you can piece together the emotions he felt the night that shit went down. Speaking of emotions flying through, it was smart to keep the video short and simple – from the old Valley Club warehouse to the new Valley Club office and shots of Dizze’s damages, it complimented the tale just right. At the end of the video, you can physically read that story to take it heartily but at the end of the day, whether we got a good song out of it or not, salute to Dizze for still standing; literally. I’m glad he’s good.




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