Joseph Bills, Chris Massiv, Dirt Squad – Run The Show

Joseph Bills, Chris Massiv and Dirt Squad reinvent the way cypher’s are done in the hip hop world. At a first glance the cypher sounds like a full on song because of how catchy the chorus is. Wrangler Dan does an outstanding job and nails the singing portion which I think can be played on the radio or intro to some movie. Speaking of movies, the beat is produced by a movie score composer, ATC (Above The Clouds), who steps out of his realm to create a very dramatic hiphop composition.


Dirt Squad is comprised of 3 members; Wrangler Dan, King Klein and AK(Aaron Klein), each with a very unique flow and sense of individualism. Each artist takes their turn rapping about their never ending pursuit of making it to the top. Chris Massive starts off the cypher with lethal flow using his words as weapons to kill the first verse. Following up Chris is king Klein who brings the heat and sounds like a young Eminem. On the 3rd verse AK does his thing and the young rapper has a lot of positive enthusiasm. Lastly, Jospeh bills brings that FIRE and over maxes the fuck out in his delivery. Bills adlib game is fuckin crazy and this might be his best verse yet. If you like this cypher check out 20Pounds “Eye of The Storm”.


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