Dewzy – FWM

Here comes one of Arizona’s greatest engineers, releasing a song. When I first heard ‘FWM’, I couldn’t get the hook out of my head and the way Dezy sings “on. the. low. sh”, there’s just something about the way he adjusted his voice with the beat being taken away. It’s simple shit like that can really secure a sound for me. As for the video, it’s all cultural homage. This IS Dewzy’s story and he’s storytelling in locations that mean something to him which is what I always respect from an artist; old or new. Every single location came with its own characters as well. From the racing to the donuts to everyone showing out, how much more real can a video get if you’re paying credit to every single homage that’s valuable right now? You can’t. That’s as real as it gets. & I expected nothing less from any Valley Club related visuals.. they delivered all while having Dewzy deliver his own thing as well.


Dewzy is an engineer, yes but if this is what he is bringing to the table, he should’ve showed up a long ass time ago.

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