Delly Everyday – Generation E

Delly Everyday releases a motivational video about overcoming current societal obstacles. In the intro Delly shares with the whole world about losing his parents and being homeless at a young age. The young MC drops some knowledge on the track and is exceptionally mature for the 20 year old, who probably grew up real quick due to his hardships.  Delly explains that no one will probably listen to this song.  Mainly because rapping about positivity or social injustice now a days isn’t really popular in today’s new age hiphop.Delly Everyday Generation E


Delly’s tries to convey the message to generation E on how society tries to hold you back from achieving you’re dreams through material possessions, chasing money and self doubt. Award Winning director Albert Lee directed an inspiring video that really captures the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement. If you like this song check out Delly’s other work “The Separation”.


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