Dela Preme: The Quarantine King

So i’m pleased to say that my second assignment on this platform is DELA PREME THE GLENDALIEN HIMSELF. I actually see many similarities between Dela Preme and Cash Lansky so this is perfect timing. Phoenix loves Dela Preme like Tucson loves Cash. They both really set a bar in their respective communities. Artists like Preme and Cash are just so easy to support. Just by who they are, its feels effortless to show them love. but more importantly, its effortless for THEM to show love back. My experience tells me that this is a big reason they are so relevant and important. The very best way to garner genuine love and support, is to give it. It’s actually very simple and could last the entirety of your career.


Dela Preme is the definition of style meets skill. Out of all the rappers i work with in AZ, Preme is the most distinguishable, he always has been. His style, personality and quality of music is 100% exclusive to him. But at the same time, he is incredibly versatile and actively tries new flows and different styles. I love that about Preme. And when i first listened to Quarantine Preme, i was excited about the different sounds on this album. The song that immediately stood out to me is “Never Switch”. This song is very much outside of Dela Preme’s usual style. I would compare it loosely to Travis Scott’s sound. A lot of reverb-ish production work. Ive never heard a Dela Preme song like this. When i asked Preme his favorite song on Quarantine Preme, i wasn’t surprised to hear that this was the one! He takes pride in stepping outside the box, as he should. I love when a rapper gets to try new things and diversify their sound. Quarantine Preme is only six tracks but they feel perfectly curated. And I gotta say, i really appreciate seeing intros/interludes/outros on albums for some reason. and all of Preme’s albums feature this element. Ive heard people say they find this “annoying” but to me it shows a higher level of artistry and quality production. Theres something about a project pieced together conceptually that just hit different. Attention to detail really shines through. and all praise goes to Jon Sullivan for that one.


Jon Sullivan is the mastermind behind all of Dela Preme’s albums, and Preme will be the first to tell you that. Dela Preme started as a battle rapper and Jon is the one who pushed him and solidified him as a recording artist. And he himself has gone on to produce some major projects in AZ hip hop. He now runs Sullivan Audio. When speaking to Preme, it’s clear how much love and devotion he has for his team. The best thing you can do as a rapper is to not try to do everything on your own, but rather, try to come up WITH a team. BUILD UP, NOT OUT.


One of the questions i was dying to ask Preme was in regards to all the producers on this album. i noticed immediately that there was a different producer credit for each song on this EP, even the interludes. If you know me, you know that producers are very dear to my heart (esp when im sick of rappers lol) The fact that Preme put these people on, in a really simple yet meaningful way, really attests to the legitimacy and longevity of his career as well as his position in the AZ hip hop community and beyond. Having influence and perspective at the same time, is such a blessing and should be treated as such. Preme is adamant about paying his producers and giving them credit and exposure, it elevates the whole scene and creates strong connections and relationships. The most successful rappers in AZ are the ones who lead by example and love. and this is why Dela Preme can pull up to a Tucson show and bring out Guera and a bunch of Tucson rap veterans on a Wednesday night. Thats damn near magic lol. You can’t fake that level of respect.


Preme coined the term “stay busy don’t play busy” and that really sums it up. He’s by far the most booked artist in Phoenix and has been for quite a while. If you’ve seen him perform, you know Preme don’t go soft, ever. It takes amazing talent and dedication and ENERGY to perform so consistently and also to be consistent in the quality of performance you deliver. If your music is straight lituations, you better be able to deliver that every single time. Preme is the final boss of this. His energy is a huge part of his brand, and he understands this. Most rappers could not keep up.

I hope you guys will all go listen to Quarantine Preme now if you haven’t already. its a very impressive EP, i can listen front to back every time, and Preme tells me that this is just a little taste of what’s to come.  I have no doubt he will deliver, every single time. I’ve never seen an ounce of mediocrity from this dude. And as i was writing this piece, I saw a side of Preme and his perspective that i didn’t even expect. Coming from the media side of things, i deeply appreciate artists and rappers that really have some shit to say and articulate themselves and take the time to do so. I firmly believe that comes naturally when you’re really born for this shit.


S/O Dela Preme for being available and being a real one. You are so important and we all see. that. I feel blessed to have access and respect from so many rappers in AZ.


S/O Jon Sullivan for creating some of the best hip hop to ever come out of AZ. and hes just beginning. Check him out if you want some real quality.


S/O Vibe Good for the amazing visuals for “Chrysanthemum”. Pretty sure that song is the banger of the year, i’m calling it.


Guera loves ya’ll! Go follow the team on IG








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