Dela Preme – Money Talk

I’m going to be honest, I could’ve watched this video with no sound and still have been impressed by the creativity that came out of the video. That’s all I was focused on. To start, Dela Preme opened up with an old commercial that I know we all grew up watching; he even went as far as to make it an ad that you thought you can skip. He then turned himself into a professor and taught a class on money talk. I think what is most clever about this video is how realistic it could fool you to be, and that’s all thanks to VibeGood & the website pop-ups; I’d want to enroll into the Uniskrrsity of Glendale, too. Salute to Dela because this is one of the coolest videos I have seen this year.


Favorite lyric: ‘I don’t get sleep, I don’t need eyelids’

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