Daviphresh – Work It Out

Daviphresh comes out with a new work out plan that’ll give Kanye West a run for his money. El Grand Chango the fitness instructor led the 2 minute soirée, which was very entertaining might I say. There’s a whole lotta tom foolery going on in the video and Dylan Toon does a refreshing job of keeping the visuals interesting. Under Society has been releasing a lot of heaters lately and this record is no exception. The whole Alpha Pack was in the building and to top it all off, Davi got a fuckin’ snake. The hard hitting 808 beat mixed in with Daviphresh’s vocals will make anyone get that extra pump while they’re doing some squat thrusts. If you like this song, check out Daviphresh’s other single “Tetrahydrocannabinol”.Daviphresh Work Out


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