Cpatt The Monster – “NAIMSAYIN”

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Cpatt The Monster takes a page right out of the Dipset movement in his new single “Naimsayin”. Giving Cpatt the benefit of the doubt, the beat literally sounds like Juelz Santana Dipset (Santana Town) song. Weather or not the song is an original composite, Cpatt does a nice job of remixing the 2000’s hit record. Nonetheless the video is filled with drunken debauchery, hot bitches and it was all filmed locally at a popular nightclub called Luxx in downtown Phoenix. The effort was there with a catchy delivery and hook, even though the video is an overplayed cliche club theme. I’m interested in seeing more of Cpatt the Monster has in store for us down the road and feel he has more potential than what this single possesses.

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