Chaz Ultra, Trip Rexx – Unforgettable ft. Emmitt Dupree

Emerging artist Chaz Ultra, Trip Rexx and Emmitt Dupree team up for a weirdly unforgettable video. The trio reminded me of an old school Bestie Boys video with an in your face type of attitude. The rappers boast about being the shit but also being humble at the same time. Rapper Chaz spazzes out like a lunatic in the first verse wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse gloves. The rest of the video is composed of the group wildn’ out in this rustic industrial warehouse ghost riding a soccer mom’s mini van. They certainly have a I don’t give a fuck mentality as these young rappers try there hardest not to fit in. If you like this song check out even weirder group Odd Squad “Done Did It”. chaz ultra unforgettable


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