Chalease – Low Rider ft. Sincerely Collins

  • 92%

Arizona female rapper Chalease showcases her skills on her latest video “Low Rider”. The video features some dope ass shots of an old school black Lincoln Oldsmobile provided by KuRush Motorsports. Director Susan Tan did a superb job, because the video looks like it was directed out of LA. Chalease definitely has some bars, and she switches up her flow frequently which keeps the song interesting. On top of her looks, the rapper can sing and her music style is similar to Nicki Minaj. Sincerely Collins graces the track and drops a sick verse reppin the city of Phoenix hard. Together Collins and Chalease have some steamy on set chemistry like Bey and Jay Z. If you like this song check out LV “Forget You”.Chalease Low Rider


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