Cash Lansky: Not Just Black

I’m very pleased to say that my first assignment with this platform is Cash Lansky. Cash is a huge Tucson legend. If youre into AZ hip hop and not familiar with him, you really should be! I think I can speak for most when I say Cash Lansky is a beacon of wisdom and spirit for Tucson hip hop as a whole. In my first few months in the TUC hip hop scene, I knew nobody, but I probably saw this man 10 times at various events and shows. Not only hosting and performing but also attending. That really spoke volumes to me cause I saw how much of a leader Cash was, from jump. Then I saw him show up to a ton of shows and stay to support the whole time. Leading by example. It may seem like a small thing but it matters SO much to local artists and especially young rappers in TUC! So he’s there, period. I think his love for TUC hip hop rubbed off on me and made me want to be loving and supportive on that level. And he made sure that I knew he saw me too and saw my intentions immediately and has shown me love and support ever since. I can’t thank you enough Cash!


Cash Lansky’s lyrics are always meaningful, even the bangers. Not only that but his voice and the way he performs is unforgettable. He will really get down face to face with you and stare into your soul while performing. And it’s this way every time. Whether its a few homies at Thunder Canyon Brewery or hundreds of people at a Black Lives Matter demonstration. The ability to be this consistent is rare, even for big name rappers and performers. Not only that but Cash is a husband and father of 4, yet he still makes time for the community and time to show love to those who look up to him. 



I saw cash a few weeks ago, when he performed at a BLM demonstration to celebrate the life of George Floyd. I remember seeing the flyer for this event and immediately knew Cash was gonna be involved. He’s that guy. Cash Lansky is also very community oriented and a powerful voice in the black community, near and far. He’s been involved or has appeared on many black platforms and entities in TUC. He always speaks the truth about oppression in his lyrics but a few songs stand out. And as of late, the little project he did in February for black history month is speaking volumes right now that I don’t think anyone anticipated. He teamed up with the incredibly talented producer 8oheight (TUC/PHX) as well as a company called Lock Grooves, who presses custom vinyl. The song is called “Not Just Black” and it was pressed into the shape of a fist, the 28 records produced quickly sold out. At this point in time, this symbol and this song are so damn important, even moreso, In ways that I don’t think anyone saw coming as it did. This symbol of black power was then put on shirts, bought far and wide. And when I went to see cash perform at the BLM celebration at U of A, I was moved to see how many people were wearing these shirts. The community has rallied around this leader, and just a few days ago, 100 shirts were donated and are now being printed by the homies at South Six Bodega(TUC MALL) and all proceeds are donated to black organizations! You can go to Cash Lansky’s instagram to find the link in his bio to purchase a shirt! It’s an easy way to be apart of history, on the right side. Be proud of your allyship cause it matters! 


Big shoutout to Cash Lansky, his family and every single black friend and black artist I work with, as well as all the black artists and pioneers who paved the way for hip hop. Hip hop belongs to black culture and I will always acknowledge that. In no way does that mean that non-black artists don’t have a place or a voice. But it does mean that you have an extra duty and responsibility to raise hell when OUR people are violently oppressed. Spread love, not germs. I love you guys


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