Dannyboy – Cancun ft. Ponce

Directed by JDFilms and produced by Vigilancebeatz, all I can read into this song is ‘Arizona’ which is mildly ironic because the title of this song is “Cancun” so let’s see what the buzz of Cancun is about.

I really hope this video took place in Cancun- I have never been so I can’t vouch for it but for a song to speak on a location and not take place there is upsetting. Not to mention how beautiful the location they chose, is. From the view of the water to being swallowed up by the cliff mountains, I feel like I’m there. Having the jetski and boat available to each verse of the artists was a good flare because I feel like it branched on their personalities so that was nice to pull out of the video.

As far as the song goes, their voices bounced off of each other perfectly. Dannyboy and Ponce were a great match for this song and if the video wasn’t available, I’d almost think the same person was singing the whole time.



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