Camo No Flage – Poor Gxd

Brownboi Maj affiliate Camo No Flage decides enough is enough in his latest experimental video. Flage feels as though other artists think his visuals are garbage. After watching “Poor Gxd”, I immediately decided to check out his last video “Havin’ ” and I was pleasantly surprised how dope it was. The Dolares rapper took a huge risk shooting the low budget video, not even showing his face once. But honestly I think it worked in his favor because ultimately I was left intrigued with a sense of mysteriousness, on who is Camo No Flage? Flage has some definite built up aggression against someone as he starts off his verse “Foot on his neck, can’t wait to hear it crack n*gga”. If you like this song check out Brown Boy Maj “IDK”.


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