Album Review: I Hate You To The Moon & Back – Brownboi Maj

I heard this album a few months prior to it’s drop; so when it came out, I already had a favorite song and now, doing this review, it’s like listening for the first time all over again. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and continue to.


LOST: For the first 25 seconds, it put me in a movie. It gave a feeling of a specific type of scenario and it was beautiful. When you listen to the lyrics, it’s almost as if Maj is just speaking to you.. you get lost listening. Then, you’re hit with the Stevie Wonder vibes at the end of the song, as if you didn’t think the song could get any more emotional. 10/10


The Life: The first celebrity feature, Kid Ink. I honestly didn’t expect him to balance out Maj as flawless as he did.. plus he came with that deep beat change that literally screamed “Kid Ink” and if you’ve ever been a fan, the you know exactly what I mean. Brownboi Maj wants the life? There’s no doubt that he’ll get it. 9.5/10


H8 U2 (Interlude): This one right here.. this is my favorite. Interludes have this way of being more emotional and personal than the rest of any other song on an album. Maj created this song with a beginning that sounded a lot like a 90’s track mixed with a beat I would hear at a skating ring, mixed with a voice I can’t exactly describe, and then ends it back at the skating ring.. so you feel all emotions throughout the song, but what you feel the most are the words he’s speaking. The truth. The pain. The hate. The love. The brownboi. 10/10


The Moon & Back: This was the first and only video he released off the alum so far and it was everything I expected and everything I didn’t. The moral of the song, with great visual from the video, is something a few of us would understand.. have you ever loved someone so much, you were willing to risk your life for theirs? 10/10


Everybody: Maj definitely had a point in naming this song “everybody” because it’s literally a song about everybody. Everybody always trying to do this and that, because everybody else is doing this and that. Yikes. 10/10


Sophisticated: I adore when Maj sings at a higher level than what I’m used to by him. Every-time I hear the change, I’m just like ‘okay.. do your thing king’. This song come with two other artists.. never heard them before but if this this the outcome I would get if I did, then I’m interested. 8.5/10


Lucky One: Brownboi Maj and Marquel Deljuan; that’s a collaboration I didn’t know I wanted. That’s all I have to say about it. This song is beautiful. 8.5/10


Do What I Like (Lovin’ My Life): This is the type of song I’d expect from Maj if he had 24hrs as a feature. If this is how he sounds when he’s loving his life then by all means, fall in love with your life. Please. The production on this is also extremely perfect. 9/10


Chico: Truthfully, I don’t even have to say anything about this song. It speaks for itself and you should already know what’s going on. The city went insane over this one and as I’m typing this, they’re in the process of making the video. Although this song was released in May, it’s definitely a summer anthem. The city should be proud about this one. Maj literally grabbed Kap G AND Wiz Khalifa.. who else did that? 9.5/10


Now: “Last year, I was down but I’m up now, life’s good, life’s great by myself now” I felt that one and that’s what I appreciate about Maj, he never fails to deliver a song that I can relate to or explains what I’m feeling. This song explains him, now, and it’s perfect timing because he just explained me. 9.5/10


Me Over You: All I had to hear was the beginning to give this a 10/10 and you should understand why. This song is one song that can be stuck on repeat and if you close your eyes, it sounds like Maj is singing in front of you. Magical.


Seen Queen: This song sounds like you’re watching a movie and then they just got on stage to perform a talent show, or underground basement show and that’s the coldest visual I ever got from a song. 9.5/10


My Fault: If I had a theme song, It’d be this song. If I could explain myself, I would do so using this song. Thank you, Maj. This song is as personal to me as it is to you. 10/10


Saddy Freestyle: And to end the album, Saddy Freestyle. Which I think is perfect because hearing the song over a smooth piano is almost like we just watched a movie and the previous songs were flashes of scenes that were important to Maj and then it ends with him on a stage, spotlight beaming down, and he’s bearing all emotions of all 14 songs into a mic. I would be crying in attendance. 11/10


I have watched Brownboi Maj prosper over the years and if you asked me my opinion on him or to explain him from my eyes, all I would say is that he deserves everything. Every. Single. Thing.

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