BrownBoi Maj ft. Doobie – Now

This was my favorite album to drop this year so it’s beautiful to see Brownboi Maj slowly drop videos for it. This song is in my top 4 because no matter where you are in life, you’re better than you were before and life’s good, life’s great. Maj speaks on troubles getting to where he is now and I’ve always said that if anyone deserved a beautiful life outside of Arizona, it was Maj and it looks like he’s getting that life. To match Maj’s singing and Doobie’s rapping was a wise decision because they matched each-other on different flows. & the best part of the video was Maj hung over the toilet because when you see Maj, you see henny. Also, it was very clever to add clips of Brownboi Maj in the studio, on music video shoots, etc. because it just shows you how much he’s been working.. & I’m proud, always.

Favorite lyric: ‘everybody used to hate on us now we the team that they’re rooting for’

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