Brock Hampton – Boogie

Brock Hampton Boogie broke the internet last month when him and his boys performed Boogie on MTV’s TRL. In the video Hampton and his crew dressed up in orange jump suits looking like a bunch of blue smurfs who broke out of jail going crazy. Brock Hampton is from New York himself, so of course he had a lot fans present and had Times Square LIT AF.


The funky uptempo beat and catchy lyrics is definitely a crowd favorite and sure to get any party jumping. As always the video starts off with Roberto saying “y me gusta bailar”, which I think is absolutely hilarious and clever. The experimental video was directed by Kevin Abstract and filmed in Los Angles California. Hampton is on tour right now and the blue man group is causing a frenzy all over the nation. If you like this song check out Futuristic’s Blessings.


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