Billionaire Black – Fake Gucci

Billionaire Black is the hardest working independent artist next to Atlanta’s Money Man. In his latest visuals “Fake Gucci”, Black warns bootleggers that he’s no killer, but not to push him when comes to counterfeits. The beat produced by AZ’s own Vigilance Beats has that bounce that makes you want to jump off your feet. Legendary director Kor Capital did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the desert life in Arizona. Billionaire nailed the hook on this one and we guaranteed you’ll be singing the chorus while your driving to work.  Black’s delivery on this song is impeccable and in my personal opinion he created a mainstream masterpiece. Fake Gucci has the makings of the next trap anthem and should be on top of your playlist. If you like this joint check out another trap hit called “Bankroll” by Stokes also featuring Billionaire Black.


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