BenFly ft J One Speed – Hard As Hell

It’s the very littlest of things that always have me like “oh yeah, that was cool” and the example in this video, is whenever Ben says ‘BenFly’ and his name popped up on the screen at the same exact time. I think it’s hard as hell when an artist chooses Cactus Kor to direct their video because he has this gift to make it an Arizona special. So the video is very kick-it-with-my-boys; music and drink type of vibe. Not to mention BenFly is literally getting a haircut in the middle of the room throughout the video. There’s a lot of quotable lyrics being said, it’s hard to choose one so if there’s one thing I can promise, it’s that this whole song is hard as hell. Salute to BenFly and J One Speed.

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