bbyterra – the sequence

bbyterra kind of came out of nowhere – like overnight type shit but the way this man pours his voice out of the speakers if one in a million. he has the comforting, soothing and nostalgic sound to him and it’s incredible. literally listening to ‘the sequence’ puts you in a trance and the video for it gives you visual of that trance. salute to nick stelo because that man was able to create a world of emotion off of some lyrics brought to us by bbyterra. & it’s almost as if bbyterra is living those exact emotions for the first time throughout the video.. yes, he’s the reason those emotions exist but it’s like he’s just as blown away to watch what is being produced as well. if that makes sense? regardless, every thing that came out of this song is beautiful and 10/10 one of my favorites this year, thus far.



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