ArjaySoul – Worst Behavior

ArjaySoul shares a tragic story on how he became the man of the house at the young age of 13. The video showcases some of Phoenix’s finest murals and focuses particularly on one wall canvas of Jesus holding a man. Arjay explains how one day he recieved a terrible call that his father had been fatally shot and how this event transpired on who he’s become today. arjaysoul worst behavior

The song title “Worst Behavior” was first used by Drake and Arjay pays homage by sampling the chorus, which added a nice touch. Torwards the end the video there are some facinating aerial shots of Arjay hanging out cliff side of a raveen which I believe was shot in north Phoenix near Sedona. Overall “Worst Behavior” is a self reflective song that’ll have you reminiscing about childhood street corners. If you like this song check out Team Jon Doe artist JusXJustice “Okay” video.


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