Arizona’s POWER 10 HipHop Artists

Who is the greatest hiphop artist from Arizona? Is one of the most intoxicating debates to ever be talked about in Arizona that its literally ended friendships. The reality of truth is that it’s impossible quantify such a measure, even when trying to do it on a major industry level. Like who’s really the greatest Pac, Biggie, Jay Z? There are so many factors to take into consideration when discussing such a topic, like number of hit singles on the Billboard, award nominations or lyrical ability to influence the masses. Some people think it should solely be based on the total number units sold worldwide like who’s got the biggest d*ck contest. But how does Arizona compete on such a level when it doesn’t even have the likes of huge mega star such as a Drake or Sheck Wes for that matter. Arizona also hasn’t had a massive viral hit single that has consummated the radio waves since CeCe Peniston (Arizona Native) and frankly is why Arizona remains in the shallows of the hiphop industry. 

Truth is, Arizona has a thriving hiphop community that is gaining momentum by the second. Arizona artists are breaking streaming records more than any other years in Arizona history. We are getting organized and finally collaborating with each other, something that wasn’t wildly practiced before. But more importantly the quality of music and video content is finally at par with national hiphop music industry, something we felt Arizona was behind on.

With that being said, the Arizona HipHop Power 10 is based on the notion of eras. In the 90’s HipHop was dominated by gansta rap (biggie, pac), 2000’s by Jigga and Rocakeflla, on 2010’s by the Kendricks and Coles. When selecting the Power 10 we were constantly looking at relevancy and consistency of quality music content. Arizona has gone through eras of are own and it seems like every year a new artist rises and falls within a time span of a year or two. The Power 10 takes into consideration number of streams, social media following, touring, and self branding. So lets get into it, here are the Arizona Power 10 of 2018.


Olympian gold medalist Will Claye made a splash this year at the Arizona HipHop Festival when he got freaky on stage with a grandma gone wild. The athlete turned rapper released two mega monster hits “Celebrate Life” and “I-10” featuring high profile rapper Famous Dex. On top of being on his best game musically, he got married to the love of his life. Claye continues to make huge strides in the LA music scene, solidifying his relationship with YG, while helping lifelong friend Mitch climb the charts.


jalopy bungus arizona hiphop

Sir Bungus is hands down is the lyrical master or rap god of Arizona. When he raps, everybody listens, period. Bungus was featured on series of cypher sponsored by Under Society and he was the best by far on every one of them. He also dropped a couple of singles with 20 Pounds, and was of part of the video of the year “No Peace”. Sir Bungus without a doubt is the eye of the storm on every song.


sincerely collins arizona hiphop

Sincerely Collins always to continues to amaze us with his innovation in music and sense of style and creativity. The man is an artist in every aspect of his life. Coming off his success from “The Legend of the Phoenix”, Collins dropped the much anticipated “Sincerely 2” album in October and it did not disappoint. He also dropped a solo project entitled “Yap Yap” that got spun on Power983 regularly and even struck an endorsement deal with Pura Earth because of it. It was definitely the year of the PHX GOD.


Brownboi maj arizona hiphop

Hennessey drinker Brownboi Maj moved to LA and never looked back. The Arizona native signed with Boot Leg Kev (radio dj of LA 92.3) in 2017 and has been making hits ever since. In a span of 6 months he dropped 6 monster videos that had ridiculous directing. Our personal favorites being all of them, but “Westside” and “Lil Goddess” were on another level as far visualizations. The R&B singers continues to make huge strides and has already secured features from Kap G and Kid Ink. Mark my words 2019 will be the year of the Maj.


Skrrtisblow continues to tear up the scene and was featured on just about everyone and their mama. Features included Salty Brasi, Ardy Reapz, Kid Swift, Push The Game, Profitz, Makkeio, Benjamin Fly, Lewis Santana, Lamar Crushin, Vinney Mendez, New Age Politics and the list goes on. Dala Preme was in high demand in studio and on the camera, especially when he teamed up with VibeGood productions. Currently Preme in LA recording his newest album at Paramount Studios that should be out in early in 2019.


Odd Squad Family should be called Put In Work Sqaud because they dropped a total of 20 original compositions videos in 2018 reaching over 1.1 million views combined. Some of their biggest hits were “Wave and Surf” and “Easy Peasy” featuring Futuristic. St. Pierre was featured in a lot of their singles and deserves a mention, as we consider him a honorary 4th member of the OSF. Overall Nubs, A-Factor and Snowman continue to deliver a lyrical firestorm on the internet and its amazing to watch Arizona biggest rap group journey unfold.


Pink Cig isn’t your typical artist, he’s a major wave for unique sounds out of Arizona. Pink Cig is closely affiliated with another group called Act A Fool, comprised of Emo Fruits, Jaseeen and John Solo. Pink Cig and Emo Fruits have a couple of collabs like “AngelDust” that are legendary and are becoming the hottest iconic duo.  His notable singles on Spotify are “Xanny Bars 222”, “AngelDust” and “Perc30” and have a combined streams of 2 million. Cig continues to pave the way for a new genre in Arizona that hasn’t existed before and his numbers don’t lie.


vee tha rula murda murda

AZ veteran Vee Tha Rula continues to be literally the most underrated rapper in the hiphop industry. What does the man have to do to prove himself? He has features with the greats like Kid Ink, Kevin Gates and Ace Hood. He co headlined on tour with ASAP Ferg and then headlined his tour titled “Rula Season”. He dropped 3 albums in 2018 (Yet I Smile, Beacon, Late Night Things) with millions of streams to go along with them. What more could want! In our definition, Rula is Arizona, we’ll leave at that.


Delly Everyday is the 1st rapper in HipHop history to rap and record a song every single day for a year. What an amazing feat and accomplishment. Delly got recognized by every major media outlet in Phoenix including Phoenix New Times and IKon Radio. He was the most sought after rapper for features and I think he recorded a song with just about every rapper on the top 10. He dropped several videos along the way, most notably “Generation E” and “Don’t Speak My Name” featuring Vee Tha Rula. He had a couple close calls, but ultimately he completed the 365 day challenge that got him mad respect from the streets and earns him Rapper Of The Year for 2018 from NuPlaylist.


Zack Futuristic Beck, what can I say other than 66 million streams on Spotify and 300+ million view on YouTube. The Tempe rapper is music machine and knows how to assembles radio hit songs together. He lives and breathes hiphop. In 2018, he did two major tours one of them with Tech N9ne, released two albums, bought two homes, released his first book, has a partnership with Phoenix Suns and he signed his first major clothing deal with Zumiez, Sheeesh! Let me repeat that last part, he signed his first major clothing deal with Zumies (Sheeesh Clothing). Talk about a power moves, the guy is set. On top of other various businesses ventures he may have, Futuristic has made it. The debate of who’s the greatest of all time in Arizona ends here.

Honorable mentions go out to Dann G, Joseph Bills and Slim Billions.

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