Big Ant & Vonte Mays – Arizona Freestyle 4

When it comes to the hottest sound plus the desert, you can never go wrong with an Arizona Freestyle from Valley Club. The Arizona Freestyles have been a Valley Club treasure for the past year already.


4 being set in 3 various locations that shouts Arizona; from the old VCR warehouse to the new VCR office to the crib of one of the VCR boys. Each Location came with different switches but they all connected to the same thing – Arizona. On the freestyle, you get Vonte Mays and Big Ant. Vonte is a a veteran at VCR and everything he spits is very ‘ Vonte Mays’ and if you’ve been around long enough, you know exactly what that means; not to mention the way he differentiates his voice. But all of this comes after Big Ant; who is fairly new out here but that didn’t stop him from finding his place and standing in it every single time. Just listen to Ant’s words, that’s very cash money.

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