Aminé – Campfire ft. Injury Reserve

Caroline rapper Amine and Tempe’s own Injury Reserve cook up a bizarre video and everyone loves it. The video starts off in the middle of green pasture with a tree lit on fire. If that isn’t odd enough Ritchie and Amine throw on some neon colored wigs. Which takes a lot of balls to do in my opinion. What’s even crazier is they play the part.  Campfire takes a page out of the Caroline video as they do a lot of cool shots inside and outside of a Model X Telsa. Aside from the all the funny gimmicks, the funky tribal beat and dope flows will keep you wildin the fuck out in your whip. Notable lyrics: Ritchie With a T: “Campfire, I’m a scary little n*gga” made me laugh out loud. If you like this song check out Injury Reserve’s other hit single “Make You Sweat”.


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