Ali Tomineek Is Leveling Up

If y’all don’t know who Ali Tomineek is by now and you’re an AZ artist you might want to start taking some notes.  Ali recently won the “Spark the Beat” competition and earned a collaboration with DaBaby, killed the BET Experience cypher sponsored by Sprite, and won Futuristic’s “One Take” contest. Basically Ali is munching these contests like Doritos. He’s currently competing in Netflix’s “Rhythm + Flow” series, starring Cardi B, Chance the Rapper & T.I. Executive produced by John Legend, the series debuted on Netflix on October 9th. Lastly his music is being featured on the soundtrack of what’s considered the next “Step Up” dance movie series called “High Strung Free Dance”. Man if that isn’t enough to peek your interest the guy produces his own beats and freaking edits his own videos. FUCKKK talk about a quadruple threat. He has over 121K subs on his YouTube  and 40K montly Spotify visitors. Oh and did I forget to mention his music is ridiculously good, don’t believe me check out his music below. Ali Tomineek is the future of AZ.

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