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Album Review: Vee Tha Rula – Beacon

Is that time of the year again, Rula Season. And this years installment doesn’t disappoint. Rula’s new album Beacon reminds me of a little like Rula 2 and has the same type of mainstream vibe. Beacon features hiphop heavy weights like Kid ink, Bankroll Got It, Fuse (808 Mafia), ItsNicklus, and Tony Choc, among others. In the past Rula has done a great job of incorporating different type of emotions on his album and Beacons no exception. Everything from the album art work, to song title names, to beat selection, the album is perfection and quite possible his best work to date. Currently Vee is on tour right now and I’m sure fans will be enjoying the shit of these songs, especially for first time listeners. So without further a due lets get into it.

1. Believe It – 8
2. Block My Blessings (feat. Kid Ink) – 10
3. Bigger On This Side (feat. Marty Grimes & camo no flage) – 10
4. Big Bang – 8
5. Hold Up (feat. AD) – 8
6. Bout Dat (feat. Syne) – 10
7. High Demand – 9
8. From Nothin – 9
9. Krazy ft. Jennaske – 9
10. I’m Fine (feat. Xiris) – 9


Vee The Rula Beacon | Album Review

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