AK47 Boyz – Cannabis Garden ft. EMC Senatra, LA Gunsmoke, Drummer Boy

AK47 Boyz Cannabis Garden: King Lil G’s Sucio affilates, AK47 Boyz is a group of Chicano rappers comprised of 3 members; EMC Senatra, Drummer Boy and LA Gunsmoke. Arizona’s heavy weight Truly Films shot and directed the video. Truly show us captivating visuals of the Los Angeles South Central scene. A cool little scene is when EMC Senatra takes us through the hood he grew in Hooper Ave. But the key focus of the video is the jaw dropping eye candy walking around in lingerie in hotel. A bunch of you-tubers have created video reviews as a result of it . Particularly focused on the big booty Latina models that go by their Instagram names @sarahfergly and @cynthiaaa.martell (you’re Welcome). If you like this video check out King Lil G’s video 18Summers.
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