Kill Stacy – 6AM Interlude

I find it a little funny how people completely ran passed this song from Kill Stacy’s “MALICIOUS” album but went insane when this video dropped. It’s definitely not Kill Stacy’s main sound but you can not sit here and tell me that it doesn’t go hard? And any real fan would be hyped to see the diversity of Kill Stacy’s talent because this shit is still fucking Stacy. It’s not so much different that it’s not enjoyable.


This video looks as if it was made at 6AM and it looks astonishing. Simple in the desert clips mixes Arizona with Kill Stacy. Stacy isn’t even from Arizona but he damn near Arizona and that makes this video pure to me. & here’s the thing, the VHS effect throughout the entire video puts into perspective the diversity I was talking about. Kill Stacy didn’t need to come in hard like he normally does because simplifying him to a 6AM VHS interlude is as simple as one can get when describing the talent of Kill Stacy.


Or maybe I’m thinking too deep. Whatever it is, I’m going to end it with ‘Happy birthday, Kill Stacy. Thank you.’

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